My Essie Nail Polish!



Water Marble Nail Art


Water marble is surely one of the difficult style of nail art. At least for me. I have tried it a lot of times. It turned out successful only when I had to be home for the next few days. To be honest, I love it when people compliment my nails. It gives me immense happiness. Nail art requires a hell lot of patience, preciseness, steady hand and obviously, plenty of free time. So yeah, I have all of that. The good thing about water marble nail art is you can do two nails at a time (only if the design turns out to be good). The bad thing is, you have to waste a lot of nail polish. It’s like keep trying till you succeed. You can find the tutorial on YouTube but here are my personal tips on it. The quantity and quality of nail paints matter a lot. I would say they are the main factors in fact. Be fast. Do not draw designs till the last circle. The outermost circle would have dried and might stick to your toothpick spoiling the whole design. Just keep trying. It’s all worth it.

What kind of nail art do you like?

Passion 💅


Many people find it very frustrating to handle nails. But I’m not among those. Nails are an important part of your attitude. It’s about how well you can carry them. The first thing I think of doing before going out is painting my nails. I make sure my nails are done first. I don’t really remember how I got the habit of nail art. But I’m glad I have it. First thing, apply a base coat. It gives an immense shine to your nail paint. What I did above is, I applied the pink on 3/4th of my nail and then applied white. After it dried completely, I put black dots and then green on top. Let all the layers dry completely unless you want to mess it up. Feel free to ask me any questions about nail art. I can post step by step pictures of nail arts upon request. 💅