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Personalised Greek Salad

So, since my husband is on a diet since two months, I have been experimenting with different salads. Salads are really soothing to the eye. The vibrant colours, the freshness and crisp, and undoubtedly how healthy they are. I personally love salads. My favourite so far is the Macaroni Salad of Pizza Hut. I made it at home too and it tasted really good. Recently, I have been making the Greek salad quite often. It’s a very simple and easy salad. All you need is cucumber, capsicum, lettuce, feta cheese. Actually you can take any veggie. It’s all upon your taste and preference. I chucked the tomatoes, olives, onions. Instead I added chicken to make it a meal. Boil the chicken and chop the veggies and mix them in a bowl. Add feta cheese on top and drizzle with olive oil if you like. Serve chilled. Enjoy! image