Red Cross Museum and Flower Clock!

So, after a busy weekend with friends after a long time, I am back with my next post. We had quite a few plans for the day. As it was our last day in Switzerland, we wanted to make the most of it. So we first went to see the Flower Clock of Geneva. The specialty of this clock is that it is made of flowers. Beautiful, isn’t it? Yes, indeed it is.



After that, we took a small guided tour of the city. We were waiting to go the museums of Geneva. We had heard a lot about the Red Cross Museum and after visiting, we understood what all the hype was about. Red Cross Museum is related to human dignity, family links and reducing natural risks. It was truly a very heart touching experience.



Next on our list was the Patek Philippe Museum which is for watches. Switzerland is known for its watches. So our day came to an end which meant we were leaving Switzerland. I couldn’t believe that the most amazing days of my life were coming to an end. It really made me very emotional. I just wish I could stay back forever. Good bye Switzerland.




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