Farewell to Zurich !

We had a small incident on our last day in Zurich. As always, we took our ticket to the station. We took our luggage and got in the train. There was checking in the train that day. And the inspector checked our ticket and unknowingly we had taken the wrong ticket. We were speechless and had no clue what to do. We made them understand that it was a mistake and we do not have money to pay the fine. They asked us to buy the actual ticket. We thanked them.

It was time to bid farewell to Zurich. We had the most amazing 3 days of our life in Zurich. We were badly going to miss the weather, people and the city. We just loved everything about Zurich. So, on 7th September we left for Geneva in the afternoon by train. It was a 3 hour journey and we didn’t really have much to do. We enjoyed the scenery on our way. It looked so beautiful, I wished that I could get out. We reached Geneva in the evening and we had a hard time finding our hotel. Upon reaching, we got ready and left to explore the city. We explored the streets and visited the Tourist Information. I really felt there was a lot of difference between Zurich and Geneva. The people, the environment, the cleanliness. But still, it was a lively city. We saw The Jet d’Eau which is a large fountain in Geneva. We went to visit the Red Cross museum but unfortunately, it was closed. As it was a short day, we had dinner and went to our hotel to get some rest.





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