Lake Zurich and Rapperswil

On the 3rd day in Zurich, we visited Rapperswil by cruise. We had planned to do some activities in Zurich like the toboggan run but due to rain, the ride was closed. So, all we were left with was this. We took our tickets from the Tourist Information. We got to see Lake Zurich, which obviously, was beautiful. It was drizzling, so it got bit chilled. But I had decided that nothing can stop me from enjoying every moment and every drop of the rain. Truly, it felt like a different world. I clicked loads of photos and after a while, my husband made me sit inside the cruise. One thing I loved about Switzerland was, its houses. They looked so beautiful. I really wanted to visit one but never got an opportunity to do so. They were like huts. When we reached Rapperswil, it was just this small town with hardly much population. Mostly, we could see the tourists. We had dinner there and then ran in the rain to catch our train back to Zurich. Overall it was a pleasant experience.








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