Heaven on Earth :)




On the first night, we visited the Tourist Information which was on the railway station. The tourist officers were so helpful. They helped us plan our 3 days in Zurich. So, the next day we had to go to Engelberg and Luzern. We had to reach at the meeting spot at 10 AM and unfortunately, we were late. We left from our hotel at 9:45 AM and had no clue where exactly we had to go. So, just like the people there, we started running. And that’s when we understood that how much time is important to the people there and that’s why they run. Luckily, we reached on time and the buses were still there and not many people had come. We passed from Luzern and Interlaken. It was a guided tour. I started clicking photos of almost everything on my way. My husband had warned me not to finish the battery but I was so lost in the beauty of Switzerland. We reached Engelberg which is famous for Mt. Titlis. We reached at the top by cable car. The technology is just mind-blowing. We had to take two cable cars to reach on the top and when we did, it was beautiful. All we could see was snow. I couldn’t believe that what I had always seen in movies had actually come true. I could touch and feel snow. But the sad thing was, my camera had died by then. I regret it till today but luckily I had my cell phone. We befriended a few Indians there. We tried snow tubing with them. All our activities were included in the package we booked in the Tourist Information. After leaving Engelberg, we came to Luzern. We had just one hour to explore Luzern and there wasn’t really much to explore. We purchased souvenirs and gifts for our family back in Kuwait. There’s Lake Luzern which is extremely beautiful and clean.

And so we got back to our hotel at night. Completely exhausted, but it was all worth it. Mt. Titlis is a must visit for anyone who travels to Switzerland. Our experience cannot be described in words. All I can say is, it was heaven on earth. ❤

That’s all for the day, I’ll be updating you guys about my next day. Thanks for reading! 😀


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