Trip to Switzerland


I visited Switzerland in 2013. It was my first destination for my honeymoon. I reached in September, so the weather was extremely pleasant. I am not a fan of winter because it restricts us to home and piling up ourselves with warm clothes and hot drinks. And I didn’t go to Switzerland to do that. So, here we are exploring Zurich. The night life of Zurich is amazing. Streets are filled with people shopping, drinking and chilling. Streets were absolutely clean. You wouldn’t find a tissue on the roads. We used to go for walks at night near our hotel Courtyard Marriott. The people there were extremely friendly and helpful. In spite of being so busy, they would always help us out in every way. One thing I noticed in Zurich is, everyone over there was in a hurry. You would find a lot of people running in formal wear, hurrying to work. The railways of Zurich are fast and accurate. I used to love to travel by metro. One of the best things about Switzerland was the water. People there drink tap water as its more healthy and beneficial than mineral water.

This picture was clicked on the first night we reached Zurich. We were just out walking and exploring the streets as we were tired after a long flight. I’ll be blogging about what we did the next day. So keep reading! 🙂


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