Last but not the least – Istanbul

So, our last destination was Istanbul. History with beauty, right? Yes, Istanbul is a historic place but not a boring one. I personally am not a fan of ancient and historic spots. But Istanbul was an interesting one. Why? I don’t know. May be because I was on my honeymoon, so I didn’t find anything boring. We visited the Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, Blue Mosque. Honestly, we were really tired by the time we reached Istanbul. Our energy was drained. Plus Istanbul is a crowded city. Food of Istanbul is bit similar to Kuwait. You will get shawarma, hummus and many other Arab dishes. We didn’t do any activities as such except visiting museums, which was a very good experience. It was time to get back to the REAL LIFE. Enough of being in a dream world. I had to get back to Kuwait, return to the 50C. That’s life. But I will never ever forget those days of my life. ❤

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Antalya Calling

I had such an amazing time in Switzerland that my hopes with Turkey were too high. I wasn’t willing to settle for anything lesser than Switzerland. Our first stop was in Antalya for three days. Antalya is a city on the Mediterranean Coast of Turkey. Antalya is one of the most visited cities in the world, in fact the third. So we reached Antalya at midnight and upon calling our hotel, we were informed that there were electricity problems in the hotel and we had to stay in another hotel for the night. Frustrating, right? But when we woke up in the morning and saw the view from the hotel, we wished we could stay for one more day. Take a look!





Our stay was in Bilem High Class Hotel. The hotel had like unlimited facilities. It had swimming pool, spa, private beach. The breakfast was just so delicious. They would serve us with fresh pancakes, cheese omelettes, fruits and juices. The first day just passed in exploring the city. The next day, we planned for river rafting. I don’t have photos of the day because we were not allowed to take our camera. So there are very few photos of Antalya.


Happy Blogging! 😀

Red Cross Museum and Flower Clock!

So, after a busy weekend with friends after a long time, I am back with my next post. We had quite a few plans for the day. As it was our last day in Switzerland, we wanted to make the most of it. So we first went to see the Flower Clock of Geneva. The specialty of this clock is that it is made of flowers. Beautiful, isn’t it? Yes, indeed it is.



After that, we took a small guided tour of the city. We were waiting to go the museums of Geneva. We had heard a lot about the Red Cross Museum and after visiting, we understood what all the hype was about. Red Cross Museum is related to human dignity, family links and reducing natural risks. It was truly a very heart touching experience.



Next on our list was the Patek Philippe Museum which is for watches. Switzerland is known for its watches. So our day came to an end which meant we were leaving Switzerland. I couldn’t believe that the most amazing days of my life were coming to an end. It really made me very emotional. I just wish I could stay back forever. Good bye Switzerland.



Farewell to Zurich !

We had a small incident on our last day in Zurich. As always, we took our ticket to the station. We took our luggage and got in the train. There was checking in the train that day. And the inspector checked our ticket and unknowingly we had taken the wrong ticket. We were speechless and had no clue what to do. We made them understand that it was a mistake and we do not have money to pay the fine. They asked us to buy the actual ticket. We thanked them.

It was time to bid farewell to Zurich. We had the most amazing 3 days of our life in Zurich. We were badly going to miss the weather, people and the city. We just loved everything about Zurich. So, on 7th September we left for Geneva in the afternoon by train. It was a 3 hour journey and we didn’t really have much to do. We enjoyed the scenery on our way. It looked so beautiful, I wished that I could get out. We reached Geneva in the evening and we had a hard time finding our hotel. Upon reaching, we got ready and left to explore the city. We explored the streets and visited the Tourist Information. I really felt there was a lot of difference between Zurich and Geneva. The people, the environment, the cleanliness. But still, it was a lively city. We saw The Jet d’Eau which is a large fountain in Geneva. We went to visit the Red Cross museum but unfortunately, it was closed. As it was a short day, we had dinner and went to our hotel to get some rest.




Lake Zurich and Rapperswil

On the 3rd day in Zurich, we visited Rapperswil by cruise. We had planned to do some activities in Zurich like the toboggan run but due to rain, the ride was closed. So, all we were left with was this. We took our tickets from the Tourist Information. We got to see Lake Zurich, which obviously, was beautiful. It was drizzling, so it got bit chilled. But I had decided that nothing can stop me from enjoying every moment and every drop of the rain. Truly, it felt like a different world. I clicked loads of photos and after a while, my husband made me sit inside the cruise. One thing I loved about Switzerland was, its houses. They looked so beautiful. I really wanted to visit one but never got an opportunity to do so. They were like huts. When we reached Rapperswil, it was just this small town with hardly much population. Mostly, we could see the tourists. We had dinner there and then ran in the rain to catch our train back to Zurich. Overall it was a pleasant experience.







Heaven on Earth :)




On the first night, we visited the Tourist Information which was on the railway station. The tourist officers were so helpful. They helped us plan our 3 days in Zurich. So, the next day we had to go to Engelberg and Luzern. We had to reach at the meeting spot at 10 AM and unfortunately, we were late. We left from our hotel at 9:45 AM and had no clue where exactly we had to go. So, just like the people there, we started running. And that’s when we understood that how much time is important to the people there and that’s why they run. Luckily, we reached on time and the buses were still there and not many people had come. We passed from Luzern and Interlaken. It was a guided tour. I started clicking photos of almost everything on my way. My husband had warned me not to finish the battery but I was so lost in the beauty of Switzerland. We reached Engelberg which is famous for Mt. Titlis. We reached at the top by cable car. The technology is just mind-blowing. We had to take two cable cars to reach on the top and when we did, it was beautiful. All we could see was snow. I couldn’t believe that what I had always seen in movies had actually come true. I could touch and feel snow. But the sad thing was, my camera had died by then. I regret it till today but luckily I had my cell phone. We befriended a few Indians there. We tried snow tubing with them. All our activities were included in the package we booked in the Tourist Information. After leaving Engelberg, we came to Luzern. We had just one hour to explore Luzern and there wasn’t really much to explore. We purchased souvenirs and gifts for our family back in Kuwait. There’s Lake Luzern which is extremely beautiful and clean.

And so we got back to our hotel at night. Completely exhausted, but it was all worth it. Mt. Titlis is a must visit for anyone who travels to Switzerland. Our experience cannot be described in words. All I can say is, it was heaven on earth. ❤

That’s all for the day, I’ll be updating you guys about my next day. Thanks for reading! 😀

Trip to Switzerland


I visited Switzerland in 2013. It was my first destination for my honeymoon. I reached in September, so the weather was extremely pleasant. I am not a fan of winter because it restricts us to home and piling up ourselves with warm clothes and hot drinks. And I didn’t go to Switzerland to do that. So, here we are exploring Zurich. The night life of Zurich is amazing. Streets are filled with people shopping, drinking and chilling. Streets were absolutely clean. You wouldn’t find a tissue on the roads. We used to go for walks at night near our hotel Courtyard Marriott. The people there were extremely friendly and helpful. In spite of being so busy, they would always help us out in every way. One thing I noticed in Zurich is, everyone over there was in a hurry. You would find a lot of people running in formal wear, hurrying to work. The railways of Zurich are fast and accurate. I used to love to travel by metro. One of the best things about Switzerland was the water. People there drink tap water as its more healthy and beneficial than mineral water.

This picture was clicked on the first night we reached Zurich. We were just out walking and exploring the streets as we were tired after a long flight. I’ll be blogging about what we did the next day. So keep reading! 🙂